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Subchapter D: 2nd-8th Grade (1474)

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Subchapter D: 2nd-8th Grade (1474)

Section 1474: Storytelling


(1) Summary. To tell a story, the participant should develop skills in listening, thinking and speaking. This contest also allows for the development of creative expression. For practice, teachers can use stories from any good children’s books or magazines.

(2) Contest Format. Contestants shall listen to a storyteller read a brief story (between 600 and 1100 words long) only once, and then retell that story in their own words before a judge or judges. Contestants shall not use costumes or props in the contest. No materials or notes may be used during the presentation. There is no minimum or maximum time limit for the presentation. Contestants may not receive prompting of the story plot or details. Audiences are permitted to hear contestants tell their stories.


(1) Contestants. Students in officially prescribed grade levels below 9th grade who are eligible under Section 1400 or 1405 may enter this contest.

(2) Divisions. Districts shall offer either a separate division for each participating grade level or combined grade level divisions as specified in official contest procedures.

(3) Individual Competition. Each participant school may enter as many as three contestants per division in the district meet.

(4) Team Competition. There is no team competition in this contest.


(1) Personnel. The contest director may be the coach of a participating student. If the contest director is not the coach of a participating student, the contest director may serve as the storyteller or may appoint a qualified person to act in this capacity. Responsibilities of the storyteller are as specified in official contest procedures. The storyteller may not be the coach of a participating student  Contest officials should select one judge or an odd-numbered panel of judges for each section. Judges shall not be coaches of participating students. So far as possible, judges should not know what school any contestant represents.

(2) Sections. A section shall consist of no more than eight contestants. If nine or more students enter a division of storytelling, they shall be divided into sections according to official contest procedures. Winners from the preliminary rounds will compete in a final round.

(3) Rankings, Ties and Points. Contestants shall be ranked as specified in official contest procedures. There can be no ties in this contest. Points are awarded as specified in Section 1408 (i).

(4) Verification Period. If a panel of judges is used, a verification period shall be provided. Unofficial results should be posted. Coaches should be given no more than 15 minutes to verify that tabulation of rankings is correct. The rankings given by judges are not subject to question. Evaluation sheets may be viewed by contestants and coaches during the verification period and shall be returned to the contest director at the end of the verification period. For rounds with single judges, a 15-minute viewing period is recommended.

(5) Official Results. The director shall announce the official results. Official results, once announced, are final.

(6) Returning Materials. No materials from district contests may be returned to contestants prior to official release dates.