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Director of Athletics:
Dr. Susan Elza

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Brian Polk:
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State Champions

Basketball Junior High Information

Constitution & Contest Rules

Junior High Manual

Rules & Regulations

Number of Games

No team or student shall compete in more than 12 games and two invitational or district tournaments. Two games may be substituted in place of a tournament. If a team or student does not play in any invitational or district tournaments, four additional games may be played. A scrimmage counts as one of the 12 games.

Number of Games Per Week

One game or scrimmage may be played per calendar week. A tournament may be played in the same calendar week of a game.

Number of Tournament Games Per Day

Contestants or teams shall play no more than two tournament games per calendar day, except contestants or teams may play in three games in a one-day tournament scheduled on a Saturday.

Season for Workouts and Games

Schools shall have 121 consecutive calendar days to practice outside the school day and to complete scrimmages and games. The season can be held anytime during the school year, provided it does not exceed the number of consecutive calendar days listed above.

Eight Minute Quarters

Junior high schools may, by mutual consent, play eight-minute quarters. See Basketball Manual.