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Subchapter D: 2nd-8th Grades (1424)

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Subchapter D: 2nd-8th Grades (1424)



(1) Summary. Editorial writing teaches critical and analytical thinking, as well as the ability to write persuasively and concisely. Students learn to examine both sides of an issue, select and develop a stance and support that stance with logical, clear writing.

(2) Contest Format. Contestants will be provided a fact sheet from which they will develop and write an editorial. Forty-five minutes will be allotted for the writing period exclusive of time required for instructions.


(1) Contestants. Students in officially prescribed grade levels below 9th grade who are eligible under Section 1400 or 1405 may enter this contest.

(2) Divisions. Districts shall offer either a separate division for each participating grade level or combined grade level divisions as specified in official contest procedures.

(3) Individual Competition. Each participant school may enter as many as three contestants per division in the district meet.

(4) Team Competition. There is no team competition in Editorial Writing.


(1) Personnel. The contest director may be the coach of a participating student. A single or an odd number of judges should be selected. Judge(s) shall not be coaches of participating students.

(2) Options for Writing. Contestants may hand-write their editorials or may bring and use their own computers. If contestants choose to use their own computers, they shall bring their own printers, associated hardware, software and paper. Spell check and thesaurus functions may be used. Students who opt to compose their entries on computers accept the risk of computer malfunction. In case of computer malfunction, the contestant may use the remaining allotted time to complete the composition in handwriting. Contestants may use electronic or printed dictionaries and thesauruses.

(3) Viewing Period. An optional period not to exceed 15 minutes may be arranged for coaches and contestants to review their own evaluations and stories and verify identification.

(4) Official Results. After the viewing period has ended and all contest papers have been collected, the contest director shall announce the official results. Official results, once announce, are final.

(5) Points and Ties. Points are awarded as specified in Section 1408 (i). There can be no ties in this contest.

(6) Returning Materials. No materials from district contests may be returned to contestants prior to official release dates.