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Subchapter B: MUSIC (1105)

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Subchapter B: MUSIC (1105)


(a) MARCHING BAND CONTEST (Event Code 941).
Marching band contests will be held in each region. Schools that enter the region marching band contest are bound by all rules and regulations in Subchapter B: Music.
See Section 1103.
It shall be the responsibility of each school to keep on file a UIL Marching Band Acknowledgement Form (on the UIL website) signed by the student and the student’s parent or guardian.

Each entry in the UIL region marching band contest shall be accompanied by the following statement signed by the director and school principal:

(1)  “The members of this marching band or any of its components did not begin the marching preparation for this UIL contest presentation prior to August 1. In addition, no more than 10 hours of supervised instructional time was devoted to marching fundamentals between the end of the previous school term and August 1.” Exception: Auxiliary camps, leadership training and preparation for special summer events such as civic parades, professional football game appearances and other non-competitive performances are not considered a violation of this limitation.

(2) A signed parent/student UIL Marching Band Acknowledgement Form has been filed with the school principal or designee 
for each participant in the competing organization.

(3) The director(s) of this organization recognize(s) the importance of the total educational process and have remained sensitive to each student’s needs in terms of academic pursuits, family life and extracurricular activities; and

(4) The director(s) of this organization have/has maintained a reasonable and proper balance of pre-school and out-of-school rehearsal schedules.

Effective the fourth Monday in August a marching band and its auxiliary components are limited to a maximum of eight hours of rehearsal outside the academic school day per calendar week. Exception: For schools that begin instruction prior to the fourth Monday in August the limit of eight hours of rehearsal outside of the academic school day per calendar week shall begin on the Tuesday immediately following Labor Day. Schools under this exception shall be limited to eight hours of rehearsal outside of the academic day per school week until the Tuesday immediately following Labor Day.

(1) Performance Time. Each competing band shall occupy the football field for not less than five nor more than eight minutes. Any band that leaves the field in less than five minutes or fails to complete its performance in eight minutes shall be penalized one rating.

(2) Movement to Field Position. The contest chair will determine the ready position each band will assume prior to entering the field of competition. The position shall provide efficient and prompt access to the football field without interfering with other bands as they perform. This location will be clearly described in the marching contest packet.

(3) Official Time. The official time for each band will be kept according to the following:

(A) The contest chair will designate an official timekeeper.

(B) In order to allow ample time for the judges to complete their critiques, bands will be scheduled with five minutes between performances and a maximum of fifteen minutes per band.

(C) Bands may use the five minutes prior to their performance in any way they deem appropriate in order to assume their starting position and prepare for the beginning of their show. Activities may include warm-up and/or cadence.

(D) Each band will be announced with 45 seconds remaining on the 5-minute clock. The beginning of their announcement will indicate that the performance time will begin in 45 seconds.

(E) The actual timing and adjudication for the show will begin at the end of the five minutes.

(F) At the conclusion of each band’s performance the post script will be read while the band will have two minutes to exit the field and clear the marching surface of all equipment, instruments and props. The use of either instrumental or verbal cadence is optional. A band that fails to be clear of the field (outside the sidelines or endlines) or continues to use instrumental or verbal cadence at the end of the two minutes will be disqualified. 

(G) A band leaving equipment or instruments on the sideline in such a manner that these items impede the movement of the next band into its starting position will be subject to penalty in accordance with Subchapter E.

(4) Electronic Equipment. Electronic equipment may be used under the following provisions:

(A) All electronically produced music including narration and sound effects shall be performed live and in real time by eligible students.

(B) Pre-recorded music, instrumental or vocal, or narration may not be used.

(5) Amplification: Amplification of instruments or voice may be used with the following restrictions:

(A) All equipment must be operated by eligible students.

(B) AC power cords and AC supplied amplification units must be located outside the sidelines and endlines.

(C) A power generator or DC power source may be placed on the field, provided there is a protective barrier between the power unit and the turf and all cords are contained safely within close proximity to the equipment that is being supplied with power.

(D) Wind instruments may be amplified only for solo and/or small ensemble features.

(6) Violations. Violations will be subject to penalties in accordance with Section 27 and Section 29.

(7) Local Ground Rules. Failure to comply with local ground rules and regulations outlined by and/or approved by the Region Executive Committee may be cause for disqualification or other penalties as listed in Subchapter E. Such rules should be sent to all participating schools at least 14 days prior to the contest.

See Section 1112.

(1) Advancement. Bands will advance to area according to the following schedule:

(A) Odd numbered years: Conferences 5A  and 3A.

(B) Even numbered years: Conferences 6A, 4A and 2A.

(2) Certification for Advancement. On eligible years each music region shall certify at least two bands from each conference to the area marching band contest under the following provisions:

(A) Any varsity band that has followed the procedures established by the Region Executive Committee to indicate to the Region Executive Secretary the intent to advance to area and that receives a Division I rating at the region contest shall be certified for advancement to the area contest.

(B) In the event only one band, or no bands, receive a Division I rating, two bands shall be selected by the judging panel for advancement to area. In such cases the scoring procedure will conform to the ranking system as outlined on the UIL website.

(3) Notification to Area. The Region Executive Secretary shall notify the area contest chair of the region representatives within 24 hours of the last day of the region contest. A contest held on a weekend may be certified the following Monday.


(1) Advancement. Conference 1A bands will advance to state in odd numbered years.

(2) Certification for Advancement. Any conference 1A varsity band that has followed the procedures established by the Region Executive Committee to indicate to the Region Executive Secretary the intent to advance to state and that receives a Division 1 rating at the region contest shall be certified for advancement to the state contest.

The use of balloons by participants or spectators at the region marching band contest is prohibited.