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75 Students Named to 2016 All-State Journalism Staff

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 9:51 AM

Seventy-five students have been named to the 2016 All-State Journalism Staff. To qualify for the staff, students must have earned 50 points by participating and winning different journalism contests throughout the year. Students can earn points by participating in UIL invitational contests, UIL district, regional and state contests, as well as ILPC and similar type journalism contests.

2016 All-State Journalism Staff:
A&M Consolidated HS, Annie Zhang
A&M Consolidated HS, Haley Mitchell
A&M Consolidated HS, Stephanie Palazzolo
Albany HS, Curry Wilson
Albany HS, Genevieve Stunkard
Albany HS, Henry Kelly
Albany HS, Kylea Gardner
Albany HS, Lori Davis
Albany HS, Michael Cotter
Albany HS, Rachel Hill
Alief Hastings HS, Ann Morris
Andrews HS, Jayde Davis
Archer City HS, Morgan Knobloch
Bandera HS, Ashley Skinner
Belton HS, Christina Gaw
Buffalo HS, Jordan Jenkins
Buffalo HS, Kendall Morales
Buffalo HS, Sarah Burchfield
Canyon HS, Allison Koontz
Canyon HS, Avery Cummings
Canyon HS, Callie Boren
Canyon HS, Erin Sheffield
Canyon HS, Erin Westermann
Carthage HS, Annie Mahaffey
Celina HS, Josh Hollin
Celina HS, Katie Sudberry
College Station HS, Alex Miller
College Station HS, Lisa Liu
College Station HS, Rachel Grant
Connally HS, Alyssa Chavez
Connally HS, Destiny Gerick
Decatur HS, Michaela Drewry
Fairfield HS, Gracie Awalt
Grady HS, Dominic Gibson
Grandview HS, Evagail Calvert
Grandview HS, Katy Drollinger
Grandview HS, Madison Summey
Hebron HS, Megan Oosthuizen
Karnes City HS, Abby Quintanilla
Karnes City HS, Emily Valdez
Karnes City HS, Kendall Kelley
Karnes City HS, Kyler Palmer
Lampasas HS, Rebecca McYoung
Lindale HS, Adrienne Parks
Lindale HS, Kelsey Crews
Lindale HS, Lucas Bonds
Lindale HS, Tyra Rodden
Lovejoy HS, Nicholas Smith
Lovejoy HS, Stu Mair
McKinney HS, David Funes
McKinney HS, John Millar
McKinney HS, Neelam Bohra
McKinney HS, Nicole Oesterreicher
McKinney HS, Nicole Stuessy
McKinney HS, Udani Satarasinghe
Muenster HS, Alaina Reiter
Plainview HS, Cameron Hurta
Roma HS, Leslie Puente
Seminole HS, Eva Neufeld
Seminole HS, Sara Fehr
Smithson Valley HS, Erin Herndon
Smithson Valley HS, Keagan Miller
Thrall HS, Alyssa Kramer
Wall HS, Regan Gleghorn
White Oak HS, Cade Gilbreath
White Oak HS, Cade Palmer
White Oak HS, Colleen Pulpan
White Oak HS, Isaac Rodriguez
White Oak HS, Mackenzie Brown
White Oak HS, Sabrina Smith
Whitehouse HS, Kate McLeod
Wimberley HS, Brooke Barrett
Wimberley HS, Emily Claussen
Wimberley HS, Hannah Pickens
Wimberley HS, Jillian Garcia