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Athletics Contact Info

Director of Athletics:
Dr. Susan Elza

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Brian Polk:
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School Information & State Law

Checklist for Schools & School District Administrators

  • At least once per year, conduct a safety drill that incorporates the training described in the safety training program developed by UIL.
  • Schools must make sure that safety precautions are followed (asthma medication, hydration materials present, emergency lanes clear etc.)
  • Records of compliance with the requirements of SB 82 (link) are to be kept and made public upon request.
  • Review AED use and follow requirements for ownership.
  • Schools must make ensure that an AED is available at each UIL practice held at a district campus.
  • Schools are required to develop safety procedures to follow in responding to a medical emergency involving cardiac arrest, including appropriate response time for CPR and use of AED.
  • Report any catastrophic injuries to the UIL.
  • If you are a district chair school, submit weekly injury reports.
  • Sign up to participate in the CONTEX concussion study by emailing them here or more information on this study can be found here.

State Law

Many health and safety regulations are required by state law, and the UIL has created regulations to implement those state laws. Below you will find specific information on state law as it relates to health and safety of UIL participants.

Senate Bill 82 - Safety Training:

Senate Bill 7 - AED and CPR: 

House Bill 2038:

  • Concussion Training Requirements & Syllabus
  • Concussion Acknowledgement Form

UIL/TEA Side by Side

Good Samaritan Law