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Charitable Cause Guidelines

The UIL has received numerous requests from member schools to support various charitable causes in conjunction with high school athletic events.  The UIL is supportive of these initiatives and has developed guidelines in regards to an athletic competition being held in the name of a charitable cause.

Each school participating must be in agreement to allow any of the modifications to the rules.

Schools may host a contest in recognition of a charitable cause under the following conditions:

  1. The contest of competition may be held during any one week of the designated sport season (to be determined by each individual school).
  2. No exceptions will be allowed to NFHS or NCAA uniform rule.
    1. No jerseys or uniforms will be allowed for contest that do not represent the school colors.
    2. A commemorative ribbon of non-school color may be worn on the jersey or school-issued uniform.
  3. Officials may be allowed to use a colored whistle or modified uniform in accordance with UIL guidelines.
  4. Colored game balls will not be allowed, however they may be used during any warm-up period prior to the contest.