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2009 Theatrical Design (Pilot Contest) State Meet Results

Group Entry

  • 1st place - Judson High School
  • 2nd place - Leander High School
  • 3rd place - McKinney: Boyd High School
  • 4th place - Temple High School
  • 5th place - Harper High School

Individual Publicity Design

  • 1st place - Natalia Delcampo, Houston: Jordan High School
  • 2nd place - Katharine Hinson, Arlington High School
  • 3rd place - Anna Fortenberry, Slidell High School
  • 4th place - Becca Koopferstock, Plano West High School
  • 5th place - Rachel Arditi, Klein High School

Individual Costume Design

  • 1st place - Chastity Grussendorf, Leander High School
  • 2nd place - Julia Zaremba, Round Rock: McNeil High School
  • 3rd place - Marshall Williams, Plano West High School
  • 4th place - Jessica LaVergne, Fairfield High School
  • 5th place - Jessie Nevendorff, LaGrange High School
  • Individual Set Design
  • 1st place - Jessica Saldaña, Brazosport High School
  • 2nd place - Chloe Pelletler, Arlington: Lamar High School
  • 3rd place - John Melde, Texarkana: Texas High School
  • 4th place - T.J. Mendenhall, Leander High School
  • 5th place - Ethan Hartman, Plano Senior High School