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Plays & Publishers

NOTE: Even though a play is published by one of the endorsed publishers, this does NOT mean that every play on these publishers' lists is "automatically approved" for entry in the UIL One-Act Play Contest. If the play you are considering does not appear on one of the approved lists which follow, then it must be submitted to the office of the State Drama Director for the play appraisal committee's approval prior to the December 14 deadline.

"Various Dramatizations" or from "Recommended Publishers" does not mean that plays which are by nature dramatic monologues, duet acting scenes, reader’s theatre, musical theatre or which are predominantly narration, choral speaking or not interactive  may be used. Please check carefully.

Directors are not required to submit plays on the approved lists for approval. However, if you are planning to do a play that IS NOT already on one of the approved lists, you will need to SUBMIT YOUR PLAY FOR APPROVAL

An Approved List of Short Plays for Contest 2018-19


The following plays are approved provided they comply fully with Section 1033 (c) (1) (H) Standards. Directors shall eliminate profane references to a deity and obscene language or scenes from the approved production. Directors shall revise or reject all material within approved plays which in any way fails to meet these requirements. The administration of the producing school is charged with the responsibility of assuring that the director complies with these requirements and that the play does not offend the moral standards of the community. When a script and production are examined and approved by the administration of the producing school, the production is eligible for presentation at any contest site. These plays must also meet all other requirements of the One-Act Play Contest Rules.

In addition to those listed, all other plays written by Chekhov, Ibsen, Molière, George Bernard Shaw, Eugene O'Neill, Sophocles, Euripides, Aeschylus (translations only), and Shakespeare (cuts from original text only) are approved. This blanket approval does not include any adaptations of these authors' works unless they appear on the Approved List as such.

Title (alphabetical) Author Publisher Type Cast
Act Three, Scene Five Terry Ortwein Baker Comedy 1m-4f
Actor’s Nightmare, The Durang Dram Play Drama 2m-3f
Actors Conrad Bromberg Dram Play Drama 2m-1f
Admirable Bashville, The G. B. Shaw Approved Publishers Comedy 9m-2f
Affected Young Ladies, The Molière French Comedy 6m-3f
After Midnight, Before Dawn David Campton, French Drama 2m-4f
Afterwards Geraldine McGaughan French Drama 3m-1f
Alice! Lewis Carroll Adapted by Dennis Maganza Internet Script Comedy Large flex.
All Good Minds Robert Wells French Drama 10m-2f
All In Disguise Traylor & Elrod Dram Pub3 Comedy 4m-2f
American Dream, The Albee Dram Play Comedy 2m-3f
American Sunset, An Prideaux Dram Play Comedy 1m-2f
And Jack Fell Down Richard Weaver Clark Drama 2m-1f
Anne Frank and Me (short version) Cherie Bennett Dramatic Drama 4m,7w
Anne of Green Gables Various Adaptations (Various Adaptations) Cannot be Predominantly Narration Approved Publishers Comedy
Antic Spring Robert Nail French Comedy 3m-3f
Any Body for Tea? C.B. Gilford French Comedy 3m-6f
Apollo of Bellac, The Jean Giraudoux French Comedy 9m-3f
April Fish Ted Pezzulo Dram Play Comedy 6m-5f
Aria Da Capo Edna St. Vincent Millay Baker Drama 4m-1f
As You Like It Shakespeare, adapt. Clark Clark Comedy 6m-4f
Asylum Jerome McDonough Clark Drama 15m/f-flex
Attempted Murder of Peggy Sweetwater, The Ruston & Semerano French Comedy 7m-4f
Audition is Over, The John Kirkpatrick French Drama 6f
Bald Soprano, The Eugene Ionesco French Comedy 3m-3f
Banker’s Dilemma, The Cleve Haubold French Comedy 2m-2f
Barber of Seville, The Beaumarchais, adapt. Clark Clark Comedy 6m-4f
Bathroom Door, The Gertrude E. Jennings French Comedy 3m-3f
Bauble for Baby, A E. P. Conkle French Comedy 1m-3f
Beauty and the Beast All Versions All Versions - Must Not Be An Adaptation Drama
Beggar’s Opera, The Knight & Jeffries Baker Comedy 8m-7f
Bernice Bobs Her Hair Brooke Dram Pub Drama 7m-6f
Betrothed, The Jerome McDonough French Drama 1m-2f
Bocon Lisa Loomer Dram Pub Drama 2m-4f
Booby Trap or Booby in the Trap Ed Monk Playscripts Inc Drama 8m,9w
Boor, The Anton Chekhov French Comedy 2m-1f
Box and Cox John Morton French Comedy 2m-1f
Boy Meets Girl Wendy Wasserstein Dram Play
Bridal Night, The Paul A. Mayer Dram Play Drama 4m-2f
Browning Version, The Terrence Rattigan French Drama 5m-2f
Brute, The Anton Chekhov French Comedy 2m-1f
Cagebirds, The David Campton Dram Pub Drama 8f
Cain: A Mystery Lord Byron Clark Drama 4m-4f
Calabasas Street Jose Cruz Gonzalez Dram Pub Drama 2m-4F
Candid Michael Scanlan Baker Drama 3m-3f
Candida G. B. Shaw, adapted by Aurand Harris Baker Comedy 4m-2f
Candle on the Table, A Patricia Clapp Baker Comedy 4f
Canterbury Tale from the Wife of Bath, A Herman Ammann Clark Comedy 5m-7f
Case of the Crushed Petunias, The Tennessee Williams Dram Play Comedy 2m-2f
Cat’s Away, The Cleve Haubold French Comedy 3m-2f
Cave Cat, The Ford Ainsworth Dram Pub Comedy 4m-5f
Chairs, The Eugene Ionesco French Drama 2m-1f
Chamber Music Arthur Kopit French Drama 2m-8f
Charity Case Ford Ainsworth Clark Drama 4m-flex
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Various Adaptations (Non Musical) Approved Publishers Comedy
Charlotte’s Web Joseph Robinette Dram Pub
Chastening, The Richard Weaver Clark Drama 3m
Chee-Chee Pirandello French Drama 2m-1f
Childhood Thornton Wilder French Comedy 2m-3f
Christmas Carol, A Various Adaptations (Various Adaptations) Cannot be Predominantly Narration Approved Publishers Drama
Clara’s on the Curtains Arthur Lovegrove French Comedy 10f
Clevinger’s Trial Joseph Heller French Comedy 6m
Comedy of Errors, The Adapt. B.I. Payne, Globe Version French Comedy 11m-5f
Comedy of Errors, The Adapt. Cecil Pickett Clark Comedy 15 flex
Comedy of Errors, The Adapt. Robert Singleton Dram Pub Comedy 10m-5f
Comedy of Errors, The Adapt. Jeffries & Knight Bakers Comedy 10m-5f
Confederate Letters Barre Gonzalez Internet Script Drama
Cop and the Anthem, The O. Henry Dram Pub Comedy 5m-7f
Corfu by Night Barre Gonzalez Internet Script Drama
Crosspatch Larry Randolph Dram Pub Comedy 1m-2f
Cyrano de Bergerac Edmond Rostand adapt. Clark Clark Drama 5m-5f
Dancers, The Horton Foote Dram Play Drama 3m-7f
Dark Lady of the Sonnets, The G. B. Shaw French Drama 2m-2f
Dark Road Laura Lundgren Smith Playscripts, Inc. Drama 8 f, 3 m, 1 either (9-26 actors possible: 9-20 f, 0-6 m)
Day It Rained Forever, The Ray Bradbury French Comedy 3m-1f
Dear Departed, The Stanley Houghton Public Domain Comedy 3m-3f
Dear Papa Jack Blacklock Baker Comedy 1m-4f
Death of the Hired Man, The Gould Dram Pub Drama 2m-2f
Demons of Fleet Street Jerry Ayers Internet Script Drama
Devil and Daniel Webster, The Benet Dram Pub Comedy 6m-1f
Diary of Adam and Eve, The Bucci Dram Pub Comedy 2m-1f
Do Not Go Gentle Zeder Dram Pub Comedy 2m-4f
Doctor in Spite of Himself, A Molière, adapt. by Aurand Harris, Anchorage Anchorage (2) Comedy 9m-10f
Doctor in Spite of Himself, The Molière Clark Comedy 6m-3f
Doll’s House, A Henrik Ibsen, adapted by Albert Pia Dram Pub Drama 3m-3f
Double Date Florence Ryerson French Comedy 3m-4f
Dracula: The Death of Nosferatu Nichols Dram Pub Drama 5m-1f Flex
Dragon of the Winds Carson Wright Dram Pub Comedy 9m-6f
Ed Opus (Rex) Gleason Dram Pub Comedy 6m-1f-x
Eden Echo, The Ruth Angell Purkey Baker Comedy 1m-4f
Egad, What a Cad Anita Bell French Comedy 3m-4f
Emperor’s New Clothes, The Various Adaptations Approved Publishers Comedy
Emperor’s Nightingale, The Dan Totheroh French Comedy 9m-3f
Episode on an Autumn Evening Durrenmatt Dram Pub Drama 4m-2f
Even the Hater Albert Johnson Baker Drama 2m-1f
Evening for Merlin Finch, An Dizenzo Dram Play Comedy 4m-3f
Everyman Anonymous Approved Publishers Drama 11m-6f
Everyman Adapted by V. Egermeier Dram Pub Drama 4m-5f
Farewell to Galatea Ford Ainsworth Clark Comedy 2m-4f
Fashion Anna Cora Mowatt, adapted by Aurand Harris Baker Drama 5m-4f
Feathertop Maurice Valency Dram Play Comedy 7m-3f
Fifth Sun, The Patricca Dram Pub Drama 8m-5f
Finders-Keepers George Kelly French Drama 1m-2f
Five in Judgment Douglas Taylor Dram Play Drama 7m-1f
Flattering Word, The George Kelly French Comedy 2m-3f
Flowers for Algernon David Rogers Dram Pub Drama 4m-1f
Foiled By An Innocent Maid Fred Carmichael French Comedy 2m-4f
Forgotten Door, The Gregory Falls Anchorage (2) Drama 20-flex
Form, The N. F. Simpson French Comedy 2m-2f
Fourteen Lines Alan Haehnel Bakers/French Comedy 6m-6f
Freeway, The O. B. Rozell Clark Drama 3m-6f
Friends Arkady Leokum French Comedy 3m
Frogs, The Aristophanes Clark Comedy 5m-5f-x
Gammer Gurton’s Needle Mr. S., Master of Arts Clark Comedy 5m-5f
Gazebo For My Lady, A Bill Majeski Dram Pub Comedy 3m-2f
Gift of Tenyin, The John Tumpane Dram Pub Comedy 2m-6f
Girl Called Opal, A Robert Lindsey Nassif Samuel French Drama
Girl in the Mirror, The Bruce Jacoby Dram Pub Drama 6m-5f
Gloria Mundi Patricia Brown French Drama 2m-4f
Going to Pot G. Feydeau French Comedy 3m-3f
Gold Fever Grauer & Urquhardt Anchorage (2) Comedy 4plus-flex
Golden Grotto Cleve Haubold French Comedy 4m-6f
Good-Bye to the Clown Ernest Kinoy French Comedy 3m-3f
Great Expectations Charles Dickens (Various Adaptations) Cannot be Predominantly Narration Approved Publishers Drama
Great Pandemonium,The - CONDITION:  the character of Oz must be a judgable, visible, onstage character rather than a voice Pat Cook Dram Pub Comedy 4m-5f
Hamlet Adapted by Pia Dram Pub Drama 8m-2f
Hamlet (Jeffries and Munoz) Shakespeare, adapted by Jeffries and Munoz Internet Script Drama
Happy Journey to Camden and Trenton, The Thornton Wilder French Comedy 3m-3f
Happy Scarecrow, The I. E. Clark Clark Comedy 6m-5f
Harlequin Holds the Bag Grote Anchorage (2) Comedy 4m-2f
Her Senior Year Cody Moree Clark Drama 3m-5f
Heritage of Wimpole Street, The Robert Knipe Baker Drama 2m-3f
History of Tom Jones, The adapted by Dennis Maganza & Luis Muñoz Clark Comedy 8m-7f
Hobbit, The Adapted by Edward Mast Dram Pub Drama 5m-5f
Hooray for Adam Spelvin: He is Perfect Cleve Haubold French Comedy 2m-4f
Hopes and Words and Ordinary Things Ronald Burke Dram Pub Comedy 4m-4f
House of Atreus-3 plays: Hecuba, Agamemnon, Elektra Burton Crane: Euripides Aeschylus Sophocles Baker Drama 5m-5f, 10m-4f, 3m-6f
I Never Saw Another Butterfly Raspanti Dram Pub Drama 4m-7f
I Remember You Alvin Boretz Clark Drama 2m-2f
I’m a Fool Christopher Sergel Dram Pub Comedy 4m-4f
Importance of Being Earnest, The Wilde, adapted by Clark Clark Comedy 5m-4f
Importance of Being Earnest, The Wilde, adapted by Sliker Baker Comedy 5m-4f
Importance of Being Earnest, The Wilde, adapted by Aurand Harris Anchorage (2) Comedy 5m-4f
Impromptu Tad Mosel Dramatists Play Service Comedy 2m, 2f
In the Shadow of the Glen J. M. Synge French Drama 3m-1f
Inexperienced Ghost, The Taylor Dram Pub Comedy 5m-5f
Infancy Thornton Wilder French Comedy 3m-2f
Inner Circle, The Patricia Loughrey Baker Drama 2m-2f
Inside Al David Baker French Drama 3m-2f
Interview Jean-Claude Van Itallie Dram Play Drama 4m-4f
Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte (Various Adaptations) Cannot be Predominantly Narration Approved Publishers Drama
Jar, The Luigi Pirandello French Comedy 8m-3f
John Turner Davis Horton Foote Dram Pub Drama 7m-4f
Just Another Day Arthur Lovegrove French Comedy 1m-4f
Kamikaze Kate John Summons Dram Pub Comedy 2m-4f
Kentucky Marriage Proposal, The Alice H. Houstle Dram Play Comedy 1m-2f
La Dispute Marivaux, trans. by Wertenbaker Dram Pub Comedy 5m-5f-x
La Llorona Jules Tasca French Drama
La Llorona Llora Silvia Gonzalez S. Dram Pub Drama
Ladies in Waiting Michele Palermo French Comedy 1m-4f
Ladies of the Tower Tim Kelly Dram Pub Drama 9f
Lafayette #1 Mandy Connor Playscripts, Inc. Drama 8M - 7F can be expanded
Las Soldaderas Nelly Cuellar Garcia Eldridge Play Publishers Drama
Last Act Is a Solo, The Robert Anderson French Drama 2m-1f
Lesson, The Eugene Ionesco French Drama 1m-3f
Let Me Hear You Whisper Zindel Dram Play Drama 5f-flex
License,The Pirandello French Comedy 6m-1f
Lie, The Vaughn McBride, adapted from Kurt Vonnegut Dram Pub Drama 3m-1f
Lily Daw and the Three Ladies Perry Drama Pub Drama 3m-7f
Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe,The Joseph Robinette Dram Pub Drama flex
Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The C.S. Lewis, adapt. Don Quinn Dramatic Publishing Drama 15 flex
Little Match Girl, The Herman Ammann Clark Drama 8m-12f
Little Prince, The Rick Cummins & John Scoullar Dram Pub Drama 3m-2f
Little Princess, A R.N Sandberg Dramatic Drama 7m,9w
Little Princess, The Nancy Seale Anchorage (2) Drama 5m-18f
Liza and the Riddling Cave John Urquhart Anchorage*
Long Christmas Dinner, The Thornton Wilder French Comedy 5m-7f
Long Road Home, The Earl Reimer Baker Drama 4m-4f
Long Stay Cut Short, The Williams Dram Play Drama 1m-2f
Look Who’s Playing God Albert Johnson Baker Comedy 2m-2f
Lottery, The Brainerd Duffield Dram Pub Drama 8m-5f
Louder, I Can’t Hear You Gleason Dram Pub Comedy 3m-3f
Love is a Hot Fudge Sundae Stephen Hotchner Dram Pub Comedy 5m-6f
Love Knot, The Michael McFaden Clark Comedy 4m-3f
Lovers In Midsummer, The McMahon Dram Pub Comedy 5m-4f
Macbeth (abridged) Larry Nehring Playscripts Inc Drama
Magic Flute, The Jane W. Rogers Dram Pub Drama 24-flex
Magic Well, The Herman Ammann Clark Comedy 6m-8f
Magician’s Nephew, The C. S. Lewis, dramatized by Aurand Harris Dram Pub Drama 3m-3f
Man in the Bowler Hat, The A. A. Milne French Comedy 4m-2f
Maria Jules Tasca Baker Drama 4m-2f
Marriage of Figaro, The Beaumarchais Clark Comedy 6m-4f
Marvelous Playbill, The Tim Kelly Dram Pub Comedy 4m-8f
Medea Euripides adapt. Garcia Playscripts Drama 2m, 13f
Medicine Show, The Virginia G. Koste Anchorage (2) Comedy 5m-flex
Merry Wives of Windsor, The Jefferies & Knight Baker Comedy 6m-5f
Mice Have Been Drinking Again, The Haubold French Comedy 2m-2f
Midnight Caller, The Horton Foote Dram Play Drama 2m-5f
Midsummer Night’s Dream, A Adapted by Aurand Harris Anchorage (2) Comedy 4m-9f
Midsummer Night’s Dream, A Adapted by Cecil Pickett Clark Comedy 4m-9f
Midsummer Night’s Dream, A Adapted by Henry Thomas Baker Comedy 13-flex
Mimsy Were the Borogoves C. C. Taylor Dram Pub Drama 2m-3f
Mr. Flannery’s Ocean Carlino Dram Play Drama 3m-5f
Much Ado About Nothing Jerome McDonough Baker Comedy 7m-7f
Narrenschneiden, The Hans Sachs Clark Comedy 2m-1f
Nasty Things, Murders Arthur Lovegrove French Drama 5f
Necklace, The Jay R. Gould Dram Pub Drama 1m-3f
Neighbors, The Zona Gale Baker Comedy 2m-6f
Nicholas and Smike Charles Jeffries and Luis Munoz Internet Script Drama
No Count Boy, The Paul Green French Comedy 2m-2f
No Fading Star Celeste Raspanti Dram Pub Drama 3m-4f
Noah and the Great Auk Bix L. Doughty Anchorage (2) Drama 1m-5 animals
Noodle Doodle Box Anita & Alex Page Baker Comedy 3-flex
Now That April’s Here James Reach French Comedy 2m-4f
Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, An Christopher Sergel Dram Pub Drama 4m-3f
Of Poems, Youth, and Spring John Logan French Comedy 4m-5f
Of Winners, Losers, and Games O. B. Rozell Clark Drama 7m-7f
Oil Well, The Horton Foote Dram Play Drama 5m-3f
Old Beginning, The Horton Foote Dram Play Drama 7m-4f
Old Lady Shows Her Medals, The J. M. Barrie French Comedy 2m-4f
Oliver Twist Charles Dickens (Various Adaptations) Cannot be Predominantly Narration Approved Publishers Drama
Once Upon a Playground Jack Frakes French Comedy 2m - 8f
Open Window, The James Fuller Dram Pub Comedy 1m-3f
Orphans, The Nancy Camche French Drama 3m-3f
Other Son, The Pirandello French Drama 5m-6f
Out of Control Michael Scanlan Baker Drama 3m-2f
Outcasts of Poker Flat, The Edwards Dram Pub Drama 4m-3f
Overtones Alice Gerstenberg Public Domain Comedy 4f
Party, The Robert Flaherty French Drama 1m-3f
Passing of An Actor Willard Simms Dram Play Comedy 3m-1f
Passion, Poison, and Petrifaction G. B. Shaw French Comedy 4m-2f
Patchwork Quilt, The Rachel Field French Comedy 2m-5f
Persephone Ford Ainsworth Clark Drama 9m-6f
Phaedra Jean Racine Clark Drama 3m-5f
Phony Physician, The Thomas Hischak Baker Comedy 5m-3f
Picnic on the Battlefield Fernando Arrabal French Drama 5m-1f
Pinballs, The Betsy Byars, dramatized by Aurand Harris Anchorage (2) Drama 3m-2f
Pink Lemonade for Tomorrow Ruth A. Purkey Baker Drama 2m-2f
Point of View, A David Campton Dram Pub Comedy 5f
Pot Boiler, The Alice Gerstenberg Clark Comedy 5m-2f
Potman Spoke Sooth, The David Fulk Dram Pub Comedy 6m-2f
Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen (Various Adaptations) Cannot be Predominantly Narration Approved Publishers Drama
Proposin’ Richard Slocum Baker Comedy 1m-2f
Quazimodo! Adapt.DavidKoren Dram Pub Drama 3m-3f
Quiet, Please Howard Bauermann Dram Play Comedy 3m-4f
Rabbit Who Wanted to Be a Man, The Tasca Baker Comedy 4m-2f
Ralph Roister Doister Nicholas Udall Clark Comedy 2m-4f-flex
Rebuttals Joseph Fedorko Baker Comedy 3m-1f
Requiem Jerome McDonough Clark Drama 4m-3f-x
Rest in Peace Pat Cook Dram Pub Comedy 4m-3f
Rhinoceros Ionesco French Comedy 11m-6f
Riders to the Sea John Millington Synge Baker Drama 1m-3f-x
Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Susan Carle Dram Pub Comedy 4m-4f-flex
Rise and Shine Elda Cadogan Baker Comedy 2m-2f
Riverview, Tape 23 Colleen Newman Dram Pub Comedy 3f
Robin Goodfellow Aurand Harris Anchorage (2) Comedy 6m-6f
Rocking Horse Winner, The Fuller Dram Pub Drama 5m-4f
Room, The Harold Pinter Dram Play Drama 4m-2f
Rose For Emily, A Joseph Robinette Dram Pub Drama 5m-4f
Rude Mechanicals, The Ed Graczyk Anchorage (2) Comedy 9m-1f
Saga of Katy, The Ronald Burke Dram Pub Comedy 4m-5f
Sandbox, The Edward Albee Dram Play Drama 3m-2f
Scapino! Frank Dunlop & Jim Dale Dram Pub Comedy 6m-3f
School for Husbands, The Molière Clark Comedy 7m-3f
Scrimmages Joseph Fedorko Baker Comedy 2m-1f
Second Best Bed Tim Kelly Dram Play Comedy 8f
Second Shepherd’s Play, The adapted by Aurand Harris Anchorage (2) Comedy 4m-3f
Secret of Freedom, The MacLeish Dram Play Drama 9m-1f-x
Sending Down the Sparrows Laura Lundgren Smith Playscripts Drama 7m-4f-6flex
Separate Peace, A Tom Stoppard French Comedy 2m-4f
Shall We Join the Ladies? J. M. Barrie French Drama 8m-8f
She Stoops to Conquer Goldsmith, adapted by Clark Clark Comedy 6m-3f
She Stoops to Conquer adapted by Aurand Harris Anchorage (2) Comedy 6m-4f
She Stoops to Conquer adapted by Robert Singleton Dram Pub Comedy 7m-4f
Sheep Thief, The Ford Ainsworth Clark Comedy 4m-3f-x
Shining Mountains, The Dale Wasserman French Comedy 9m-1f
Short Walk After Dinner, A Cleve Haubold French Drama 1m-2f
Shut and Bar the Door Tom Gray Baker Comedy 4m-2f
Sicilian Limes Pirandello French Drama 2m-3f
Sing To Me Through Open Windows Kopit French Drama 3m
Sisters McIntosh, The Richard Corson French Comedy 1m-2f
Six Who Pass While the Lentils Boil Walker French Comedy 9m-2f
Skinflints & Scoundrels Suzan Zeder Dram Pub Comedy 11m-5f
Small Actors Stephen Gregg Dram Pub Comedy 5m-5f
Small World of Millie Mclvor, The Ronald Burke Dram Pub Comedy 3m-4f
Some of My Best Friends Are Smiths David Campton Dram Pub Drama 5f
Song for Coretta, A Pearl Cleage Dram Play Drama 5f
Sparkin’ E. P. Conkle French Comedy 1m-3f
Stages Jerome McDonough Clark Drama 10-flex
Steadfast Tin Soldier, The Herman Ammann Clark Drama 5m-6f
Still Life With Iris (short and long versions) Steven Dietz Dramatic Drama 5m,4w
Still Stands the House Gwen P. Ringwood French Drama 2m-2f
Story of Chelm, A Linda Gaye Shapiro French Comedy 11m-4f1
Stranger With Roses John Jakes Dram Pub Drama 4m-2f
Summer People, The Duffield Dram Pub Drama 4m-3f
Summons of Sariel, The Kessie Dram Pub Drama 9f
Sunday Costs Five Pesos Josephine Niggli French Comedy 1m-4f
Sunny Morning, A Quintero French Comedy 2m-2f
Suppressed Desires Susan Glaspell Baker Comedy 1m-2f
Take Five Westley M. Pederson French Comedy 4m - 2f
Tale That Wagged the Dog, The Kelly Dram Pub Comedy 1m-4f
Taming of the Shrew, The Shakespeare Dram Pub Comedy 5m-3f
Taming of the Shrew, The Charlotte Brown Clark Comedy 11m-4f
Tartuffe Molière, adapt. by Burleson Dram Pub Comedy 5m-5f
Tartuffe Molière, adapt. by Jeffries & Muñoz Baker Comedy 8m-7f
Tell-Tale Heart, The McMahon Dram Pub Drama 4m-2f
Terezin Promise, The Celeste Raspanti, Adapt. F. Thomas Dram Pub Drama 4m-4f
Terrible Meek, The Charles Kenedy French Drama 2m-1f
The Trial of Goldilocks Joseph Robinette Dram Pub Comedy 15+ Flex.
Theophilus North Thornton Wilder, Matthew Burnett Samuel French, Inc. Comedy 4m, 3f
They’re None of Them Perfect Sophie Kerr French Comedy 6f-x
This Is a Test Stephen Gregg Dram Pub Comedy 13-15 flex.
This Way toHeaven Douglas Parkhirst French Comedy 2m-2f
Thousand Cranes, A Kathryn Schultze-Miller Dram Pub Drama 2m-3f
Three Pills in a Bottle Rachel Field French Comedy 4m-4f
Ticket to the City, A Donald Elser French Drama 4m-3f
To Burn a Witch James Bray Dram Pub Drama 4f
To Destroy You Is No Loss Dorothea Bonneau, adapted from Joan Criddle Dram Pub Drama 6m-12f
Toby Show, A Aurand Harris Anchorage (2) Comedy 3m-4f
Tracks Peter Tarsi Dramatic Publishing 4m, 6f
Tricks of Scapin adapted by Aurand Harris Anchorage (2) Comedy 7m-3f
Trifles Susan Glaspell Baker Drama 3m-2f
Trysting Place, The Booth Tarkington Baker Comedy 4m-3f
Turandot (Maganza) Adapted by Dennis Maganza Internet Script Comedy Large flex.
Twelfth Night adapted by Cecil Pickett Clark Comedy 5m-2f-x
Twelve-Pound Look, The J. M. Barrie French Drama 2m-2f
Two Bottles of Relish Edward Darby Dram Pub Comedy 2m-2f
Two Crooks and a Lady Eugene Pilot French Drama 3m-3f
Two Fools Who Gained a Measure of Wisdom Tim Kelly Dram Play Comedy 1m-3f
Ugly Duckling, The A. A. Milne French Comedy 4m-3f
Underground Venus Tim Kelly Dram Pub Comedy 3m-3f
Unknown Soldier, The Warren Frost Dram Pub Drama 3m-3f
Up the Rent Tim Kelly Dram Pub Drama 3m-8f
Valiant, The Hall and Middlemass Baker Drama 5m-1f
Victoria at 18 Tim Kelly Dram Pub Drama 2m-7f
Voices Richard Lortz Baker Drama 2m-3f
Volpone Ben Johnson adapt. by Jeffries & Knight Baker Comedy 7m-5f
Waiting for Lefty Clifford Odets Dramatist Play Service Drama
Waiting for the Bus Ramon Delgado Baker Drama 2m-2f
Wall Hanging, The Barbara Milne Dram Pub (3) Drama 1m-2f
We All Fall Down Barre Gonzalez Internet Script Drama
Welcoming, The Mary Bill French Comedy 10f
When Altars Burn Kay Arthur French Drama 4f
When the Fire Dies Romona Mather French Drama 1m-4f
When You’re By Yourself, You’re Alone McKinney French Comedy 4m
White Room of My Remembering Jean L. Toddie French Drama 2m-4f
Why Do We Laugh? Stephen Gregg Dram Pub Comedy 4m - 4f
Wild Strawberries Jerry Ayers Internet Script Comedy Large flex.
Wiley and the Hairy Man Suzan Zeder Anchorage (2) Drama 3m-1f-x
Wishin’ Tree, The Haubold French Comedy 8f
Woman Called Truth, A Sandra Fenichel Asher Dram Pub Drama 3m - 3f expandable
Women of Troy, The David Grote Dramatic Drama 10m,12w
Wooing of Lady Sunday, The Pezzulo Dram Play Comedy 5m-7f
World of Sholom Aleichem, The; Tale of Chelm, A; Bontche Schweig; High School, The Arnold Perl Dram Play Comedy, Comedy, Drama 5m-3f, 7m-4f, 7m-3f
Yellow Boat, The (Competition Version) David Saar Anchorage Drama 4m-3f
Young Lady of Property, A Horton Foote Dram Play Drama 3m-6f

4m-3f3m-4fx - Extras
1 - Double casting necessary as per Section 1033 (c) (2) (C)
2 - Reduced royalty not available
3 - These plays are still available for production, though they are no longer listed in the Dramatic Publishing Company catalogue.
4 - Out of print - available in manuscript.

Note: Dramatic monologues (any play that is written for only one onstage actor) are not eligible for entry in the one-act play contest. [Section 1033 (c) (1) (F)].

Permission must be obtained from the League to make "off-stage voices" judgeable characters in the One-Act Play Contest (e.g., The Shadow Box, Voices, Voice of the Prairie, etc.), and they will be approved only if such characters appear in view of the audience. Adding or changing characters listed in the acting edition of an approved play is restricted by Section 1033 (c) (2) (C). Permission usually cannot be obtained to produce scenes from or acts of any full-length play by Edward Albee, Samuel Beckett, Ketti Frings, David Mamet, Elmer Rice, Peter Shaffer, Neil Simon and Peter Weiss. The same is true of Thornton Wilder, V. Glasgow Koste and Eugene Ionesco except those on the approved short list which are under review.