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September Practice Extemp Topics

Informative Speaking

  1. Who is Brett Kavanaugh?
  2. What steps can be taken to curb the growing violence in Libya?
  3. Why has the United States continued its membership to NATO?
  4. What steps have North and South Korea taken to improve relations?
  5. What is the importance of the Supreme Court ruling over President Trump’s Travel Ban?
  6. Why have there been mass protests in Iraq?
  7. Why has the US threatened sanctions against the International Criminal Court?
  8. What can be attributed to Japan’s recent economic growth?
  9. What do the convictions of Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen mean for the Mueller Investigation?
  10. What is the significance of the abuse allegations against the Vatican?
  11. How has the US-China trade war affected American businesses?
  12. Why is Hungary the target of recent European Union sanctions?
  13. How has the international community responded to recent migration issues?
  14. What changes have Texas legislators pursued in education?
  15. What obstacles does the Republican Party face in this year’s midterm elections?
  16. What is the significance of Russia and China’s joint military exercises?
  17. Why are US legislators threating action against E-Cigarette companies?
  18. The Syrian conflict: What are the recent developments?
  19. Why are members of the European Union criticizing Facebook?
  20. Why is global hunger increasing?

Persuasive Speaking

  1. Have Florida lawmakers passed significant mandates to help prevent future school shootings in their state?
  2. Should Macedonia be admitted into NATO?
  3. Would the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh affect previous Supreme Court decisions?
  4. Will Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari win re-election in 2019?
  5. Has the Democratic Party improved its strategy in midterm elections?
  6. Will peace with Eritrea improve Ethiopia’s economic growth?
  7. Have recent FEMA relief efforts for natural disasters been effective?
  8. Is China doing enough to curb its carbon emissions?
  9. Is the Trump administration succeeding in efforts to denuclearize North Korea?
  10. Will the South African recession affect the global economy?
  11. Is the United States doing enough to curb gerrymandering?
  12. Is Russian President Vladimir Putin losing international credibility?
  13. Does the growth of artificial intelligence pose a threat to small businesses?
  14. Is the international community responding appropriately to the violence in Nicaragua?
  15. Are US lawmakers doing enough to combat the opioid epidemic?
  16. Will Israel’s recent Jewish Nation-State Law decrease regional instability?
  17. Will Texas Representative Beto O’Rourke win the Senate race?
  18. Should the United Kingdom compromise with the European Union in Brexit negotiations?
  19. Will the overall economic impact of Typhoon Mangkhut on East Asian markets be devastating?
  20. Is President Trump’s rewriting of NAFTA affecting relations with Mexico negatively?