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What is the rule on entering both LD and CX?

Students are limited to entering one debate event, one interp contest and one extemp contest.

Students who compete in CX cannot also enter LD at the UIL district meet. They can, however, enter other speaking events and academic contests.

If a CX team is entered as a district alternate but does not compete, are those students eligible to enter LD Debate?
Yes. The restriction against cross-entering CX and LD takes effect when the students actually compete at district.
My team qualified for CX State, now what do I do?
Your district spring meet director will certify the results to the State Office so there is no registration for you to complete. However, be sure to pick up a Coaches' Packet before leaving the District Meet. There is important information in it, especially the deadline for submitting your state judging forms online. Direct your students and their parents to the Winner's Packet posted for them online.
Why do I need a judge for CX State?
Constitution & Contest Rules require every school that qualifies a team to supply an experienced judge. The state tournament is incredibly large with over 700 rounds to be covered by judges. Having schools bring judges, in addition to the 75 or so judges that the League hires, attempts to provide students with a geographically balanced judging pool.
What if I don't feel qualified to judge state rounds?
When you start the year with your debaters, realize that at least 1 of your teams just might qualify for state. Therefore, it's a good idea to watch rounds at invitational tournaments and volunteer to judge. Tournament officials will welcome a willing judge for CX! The more rounds you observe, the more confident you will feel judging. Besides, judging at tournaments makes you a better coach since you can discuss the rounds you heard with your students after the tournament. If, after judging throughout the year you still do not feel qualified, find a former debater or someone qualified to bring as your judge. NOTE: If your district waits until the last weekend of the CX window to hold their meet, you will need to contact someone much earlier, in the event that your team(s) qualified, so that you meet the deadline for submission.
What happens if I lose my coach's packet from CX District or LD Regionals?
Check the UIL web site for information and for the required judging forms you must submit for your students to compete at State. The forms are posted there for online submission to the State Office.
What happens if I miss the CX State deadlines?
Not only do you risk your team not debating at State, but also your school is assessed a $100 late fee.
What if one of my CX Debaters qualified for State gets sick and can't come?
You are allowed to substitute ONE member of the CX team, as long as one member from the original team that qualified remains. If both debaters are unable to attend State, you are required to contact the district director so that the alternate may have the opportunity to advance. Failure to notify the State Office that your team will not attend state meet can result in sanctions by the State Executive Committee.