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UIL State Executive Committee to Meet

Media Contact: Kim Rogers
Phone: 512-471-5883
Fax: 512-471-6589

Date: Aug 02, 2005
Category: State Executive Committee


AUSTIN, TX—The State Executive Committee of the University Interscholastic League will convene at 9 a.m. Wednesday, August 3 at the UIL building in Austin to discuss alleged UIL rule violations and determine the eligibility of student athletes.

A schedule of the hearings and business items follows:

9:30 am   AA.   Conroe The Woodlands High School: Appeal of District 14-5A Executive Committee Decision Regarding Eligibility of Student Athlete

10:15 am   BB.   Fort Worth Arlington Heights High School: Appeal of District 8-4A Executive Committee Decision Regarding Eligibility of Student

11:00 am   CC.   Temple High School: Appeal of District 13-5A Executive Committee Decision Regarding Eligibility of Student Athlete

11:45 am       RECESS FOR LUNCH

12:30 pm   DD.   Pilot Point High School: Alleged Violation of UIL Rules

1:15 pm   EE.   San Antonio Hawkins High School: Appeal of Public Reprimand Issued by District 30-1A Executive Committee

2:00 pm   FF.   Ben Bolt High School: Case Referred by District 32-1A Recommending Public Reprimand to Coach Jerry LaFevre and Coach Joe Vela

2:10 pm   GG.   Evadale High School: Alleged Violation of Rules: Number of Games   

2:15 pm   HH.   Appeal of Automatic Penalty for Ejection from Contest
 1.    Rob Buffa, Follett High School
 2.    Wayne McKeller, Kirbyville High School

2:20 pm   II.   Violations of One-Act Play Contest Rules – Failure to Participate
1.    Anthony High School
2.    Baytown Lee High School
3.    Dallas Samuell High School
4.    Killeen Ellison High School
5.    Hartley High School
6.    Hearne High School High School
7.    Houston Wheatley High School
8.    Priddy High School
9.    Winnsboro High School
10.  Austin Johnston High School
11.  Dallas Spruce High School
12.  Fort Worth Polytechnic High School
13.  North Houston High School for Business
14.  Houston Jordan High School 15.  San Isidro High School


2:30 pm   H.   New Business
1.    Request for Official Interpretation, Section 1202 (a) (1), Full Time Coaching Rule
2.    Request for Official Interpretation, Live Television Broadcast on Friday Night   

2:35 pm   I.   Announcements

2:40 pm   J.   Adjourn

The State Executive Committee meeting is an open meeting, and all interested parties are welcome to attend.

-- END --