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UIL Referendum Ballot Results

Media Contact: Kim Rogers
Phone: 512-471-5883
Fax: 512-471-6589

Date: Mar 09, 2009
Category: Athletics


AUSTIN, TX— Conference 1A schools participating in 11-Man football will be split into two divisions prior to the season, after a vote of 1A school superintendents across the state. The results of the University Interscholastic League referendum ballot sent to school superintendents are in, and have been approved by the Commissioner of Education.

By a margin of 203 to 65, school superintendents voted to divide Conference 1A football into two divisions prior to starting the season, as is done in 6-Man football.  Starting with the 2010-2012 alignment period, schools in Conference 1A 11-Man football will be divided into two divisions, with the largest enrollment schools comprising Division I and the remaining schools comprising Division II.  Conference 1A 11-Man football will consist of 32 districts, with approximately 16 districts in Division I and 16 districts in Division II.  Each district will advance two teams to the playoffs. Currently, each district advances three teams to the playoffs, with the largest enrollment school from each district playing in Division I playoffs and the two remaining schools advancing to the Division II playoffs.

Additionally, Reclassification and Realignment policies for 6-Man football will be modified to allow schools participating in 6-Man football to calculate and submit enrollment figures based on any one of four formulas. Currently, 6-Man football schools must submit their figures based on enrollment for grades 9-12.

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