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District Assignment Appeals Committee Meeting Results

Media Contact: Chris Schmidt
Phone: 512-471-5883
Fax: 512-471-6589

Date: Feb 20, 2014
Category: Athletics


AUSTIN— The District Assignment Appeals Committee of the University Interscholastic League heard 10 appeals regarding reclassification and realignment Thursday. The committee, composed of UIL Legislative Council members, heard testimony from all interested parties in regards to each appeal.

San Antonio Fox Technical will move from conference 5A, district 28 to conference 3A, district 26 and Fort Worth Young Women’s Leadership Academy will move from conference 6A, district 4 to conference 5A, district 7 in athletic activities. These two appeals were automatically granted because the schools received unanimous approval from all schools in the original conference and district and the requested conference and district.

The committee denied Ennis’s appeal to change its football district, but granted the appeal in basketball and other activities. Ennis will remain in conference 5A, district 16 for football but move to conference 5A, district 14 in basketball and other activities San Perlita and San Isidro were both granted appeals to move from conference 1A, district 32 to conference 2A, district 32 in basketball and other activities. Premont was also granted their appeal to move from conference 3A, district 31 to conference 2A, district 31.

The District Assignment Appeals Committee voted to deny appeals from San Antonio Kennedy, San Antonio Memorial and Port Lavaca Calhoun. The committee took no action on an appeal from Austin Ann Richards, and the school and UIL are considering other available options to address their concerns.




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