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2011 UIL Softball State All-Tournament Teams

Media Contact: Chris Schmidt
Phone: 512-471-5883
Fax: 512-471-6589

Date: Jun 05, 2011
Category: Athletics


2011 UIL Softball State All-Tournament Teams
(As selected by the Texas Girls Coaches Association)

Conference 1A

Pitcher            Ashley Shimek*            Sr.            Shiner
Catcher            Holly Haas                        Sr.            Shiner
1B            Jordan Pietsch                        Jr.            Shiner
2B            Ryah Michalec            Jr.            Shiner
3B            Julianna Rankin            Fr.            Shiner
SS            Jayde Westbrook            So.            Grapeland
OF            Jalesia Walker                        Jr.            Grapeland
OF            Stacey Perez                        Jr.            Shiner
OF            Hailey Owen                        Sr.            Albany
Utility            Summer Groholski            Sr.            Grapeland

Conference 2A

Pitcher            Kaylee Garner*            So.            Danbury
Catcher            Ashley Noak                        Sr.            Danbury
1B            Macy Peltier                        Sr.            Danbury
2B            Kristin Yeager                        Sr.            Danbury
3B            Leslie Penick                        Sr.            Nacogdoches Central Heights
SS            Savannah Martin            So.            Nacogdoches Central Heights
OF            Shelby Scott                        Jr.            Danbury
OF            Britiany Bailey            Sr.            Danbury
OF            Brittany Johnson            So.            Nacogdoches Central Heights
Utility            Chandler McCarty            Jr.            Nacogdoches Central Heights

Conference 3A

Pitcher            Katelyn Drummond            Jr.            Celina
Catcher            Paige Mongillo            Jr.            Celina
1B            Megan Allred                        Sr.            West
2B            Taylor Sullins                        Sr.            West
3B            Janie Knowles                        Fr.            Celina
SS            Shelby Carter*            Jr.            Celina
OF            Claudia Cantu                        Jr.            Celina
OF            Shelby Miller                        So.            Sweeny
OF            Mackenzie Wernet            So.            West
Utility            Erica Wright                        Fr.            Huntington

Conference 4A

Pitcher            Micaela Bouvier            So.            Santa Fe
Catcher            Krista Williams            So.            Forney
1B            Ciara Sunseri*                        So.            Santa Fe
2B            Alexia Rowe                        Fr.            Waco Midway
3B            Tina Cisneros                        Sr.            Dripping Springs
SS            Jennifer Hamil                        Sr.            Santa Fe
OF            Jordan Garza                        Sr.            Santa Fe
OF            Laura Mabary                        Jr.            Forney
OF            Lindsay Campbell            Jr.            Santa Fe
Utility            Janice Burke                        Fr.            Dripping Springs

Conference 5A

Pitcher            Paige McDuffee*            Jr.            Conroe The Woodlands
Catcher            Chelsea Bennett            Sr.            Pearland
1B            Jessica Snyder                        Jr.            Conroe The Woodlands
2B            Alyssa Jorgensen            So.            Conroe The Woodlands
3B            Brooke Riemann            Sr.            Conroe The Woodlands
SS            Faith Bohack                        Jr.            Conroe The Woodlands
OF            Kelsey Jolly                        Sr.            Conroe The Woodlands
OF            Kristen Miles                        Jr.            Plano
OF            Leandra Maly                        Sr.            Pearland
Utility            Maegan Ramirez            Sr.            Northside O’Connor

* Denotes Championship Game MVP

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