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Rules Changes for 2012-13

Tuesday, February 07, 2012 8:55 AM

All amendments are effective for the 2012-13 school year, unless otherwise noted.

• Section 1208 (z) – Alters the UIL Concussion Management Protocol regulations to be in compliance with state law.

• Section 301 (d) – Changes the notice requirements for proposed rules by requiring the notice to include a statement of potential fiscal impact of a proposed rule to member schools.

• Section 5 (n)(4) – Alters the definition of a high school.

• Section 1340 (b) – Creates an additional conference in wrestling.

• The following will be added as an appendix to the Constitution and Contest Rules – Theatrical Design Contest will be piloted for six years as a UIL sanctioned contest.  The contest will not be part of the Spring Meet and will not count for points.

High School Academic Contests.
• Section 1033 (c)(2)(C), – Allows alternates to remain with the company in preparation areas.

• Section 1033 (c)(2)(D) – Reflects current legal interpretations of what is defined as “fair usage” of music for educational purposes.

• Section 1033 (c)(2)(D)(ii) - Eliminates the restriction on the length of scene changes where the action of the play is stopped during the performance.

• Section 1108 (i)(10) – Establishes the requirement that instrumental soloists would be expected to perform a cadenza if one is called for in the score.

• Section 1102 (j)(3) – Affords AAAA and AAAAA choir programs the option of designating their treble choir (girls choir) as the varsity group representing that school.  This status could remain in effect until the treble choir earned a Division I rating in concert performance.  At that time the program would be required to enter a mixed choir as the varsity group.

• Section 1102 (j)(2) - Expands the option for new music programs to enter concert and sight-reading contest as non-varsity to include programs in schools that are attempting to reestablish a viable band, choir or orchestra program within its Fine Arts curriculum.

High School Athletic Contests
• Section 1290 (c)(3); 1290 (c)(4) and 1290 (e)(1) and (2) – Removes the requirement for schools to submit the official entry forms to the regional and state meets 10 days prior in swimming and diving.

• Section 1320 (l) – Removes the restriction for coaches being allowed on the field for the regional and state meets in track and field.

• Section 1320 (h)(1-6) and (n)(1) and (3) – Adds area meets to post-district competition in track and field.

• Section 1206 (o); 1240 (g); 1250 (b)(5) (A) and (C); 1300 (g); 1310 (j) and 1330 (b)(1)(D) – Alters the current UIL Preseason Practice Regulations, Activities Outside the School Year, based on the recommendations of the UIL Medical Advisory Committee.

• Section 1260 (c)(3) – Increases the golf qualifiers from regionals to state from two teams and two individuals to three teams and three individuals.

• Tennis and Team Tennis Manual – will be altered to allow the school coach to coach players between points

• Soccer Coaches Manual – will be altered to change the end of game tie-breaking procedure from the 35-yard shootout to penalty kicks.

• Section 1204 - Reflects the changes passed by the UIL Legislative Council and approved by the Commissioner of Education.  However, due to an ongoing lawsuit, the UIL is currently unable to implement the changes made to Section 1204.
While this litigation is pending, the UIL is authorizing the continuing use of Section 1204 from the 2009-10 Constitution and Contest Rules.  The 2009-10 version of Section 1204, which will be in effect until further notice, may be found in Appendix VII on page 264 of this Constitution and Contest Rules.

Once the litigation in question is resolved, UIL will provide additional details and information concerning Section 1204.

The rule changes are listed in their entirety at the following link: