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Exercises for Compressing Statements and Editing Unnecessary Words

Compress each of the statements below into one word

  • at that time
  • on one occasion
  • a small number of
  • in addition to
  • went on to say
  • in the near future
  • any one of the two
  • at the present time
  • told his listeners that
  • gives strength to
  • once in a great while
  • a large number of
  • during the time that
  • at regular intervals of time
  • tendered his resignation
  • taken to the jail and locked up
  • ended his talk to the assembled audience with the following statement
  • as long as (time, not space)
  • not any one of the two
  • was able to make his escape
  • students who are regularly enrolled
  • brought to a sudden halt
  • completely destroyed by fire
  • uniform in both size and shape
  • united in holy matrimony
  • in the same manner as
  • the time at which
  • made an investigation of
  • is of the opinion that
  • a great number of times


Edit all unnecessary words from the expressions below

  • lift it up
  • ways and means
  • a free gift
  • a near facsimile
  • on Easter Sunday
  • a complete monopoly
  • raise up the aerial
  • she definitely decided
  • sent none at all
  • was finally settled
  • a pretty young debutant
  • two complimentary passes
  • was short in length
  • if and when
  • zoom up fast
  • null and void
  • a rich widow woman
  • it first began
  • a noon luncheon
  • in close proximity
  • its final completion
  • made of cement
  • the proved facts
  • will start off soon
  • a clever new innovation
  • a canary bird
  • whether or not
  • came on Christmas day
  • in a dying condition
  • first of all
  • he continued on
  • his final conclusion
  • had two twins
  • the actual truth
  • he personally believes
  • caught a tuna fish
  • it seemed to be
  • June sales to level off
  • a true fact
  • 25 invited guests
  • foundered and sank
  • decided last of all
  • held a temporary recess
  • drop down abruptly
  • in the meantime
  • an old hound dog
  • in court litigation
  • finishing up soon
  • a well-known old adage
  • a personal friend
  • consensus of opinion
  • her past experiences
  • its future prospects
  • will repeat again
  • our hopeful optimism
  • found strangled to death



By Bobby Hawthorne
Former Director, Interscholastic League Press Conference 
Please see that Bobby Hawthorne and the ILPC are appropriately credited.