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Academic Spring Meet Entry System Instructions

IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS. Many errors and much frustration can be avoided if you'll take time to read these instructions carefully.


In order to use the UIL Spring Meet Online Entry System, you must have a “University of Texas Electronic Identity” (UT EID) and password. If you obtained a UT EID and password in the past, you do not need a new one.

School UIL coordinators may access their contestant entry pages with no special authorization.

District and regional meet officials must have their UT EIDs authorized by UIL staff. Authorizations for the previous year are not valid for the current year.

Go to UT EID Self-Service Tools at to obtain a new UT EID, find a lost UT EID, find/reset/change a password, manage your profile (includes updating your email address) or combine multiple UT EIDs. If you cannot reset a password via email because of a missing or invalid email address, you may call the UT EID help desk at 512-475-9400.


Meet directors and officials use the Academic Spring Meet Online System to set up and manage the district and regional CX Debate, OAP and Academic Meets.

Reminder: First, obtain a UTEID if you don't already have one. Then get authorized as a meet official by UIL staff: email a staff member your UTEID, name, position, conference & district number.

Instructions for High School UIL COORDINATORS

  1. Go to the Spring Meet Online Entry System logon page for school UIL coordinators:
  2. If you already have a current UT EID and password, click: ...logon and go straight to the Spring Meet Entry System.
    If you need assistance with a UT EID, click UT EID Self-Service Tools.
  3. Step 1 - School Information: Schools are identified on this system by TEA CODE and there is a search link for this if you don't know yours. Click the link for “Look up TEA Code.” In the pop up window, enter your school name (e.g, Memorial) and click “Go.” Next, click on the correct TEA Code corresponding to your school name and city. This places your school TEA code in the “Enter Your School TEA Code” window. Click “Go.”

    In the “Events your wish to enter” window, select either “General Academics,” “Cross Examination” or “One-Act Play” and click “Go.” This takes you to the “School Information Page.” Make sure your CONFERENCE and DISTRICT are correct. If they are not, call the UIL office before proceeding. Fill in all information.

    Meet directors' deadlines for opening the district meets for online entries are Dec 1 for CX and Feb 1 for OAP & Acacdemics.
  4. Step 2 - Contestant Entry: Click on “Step 2 - Contestant Entry.” Choose an event from the pull-down window and hit “Go.” Using careful spelling and upper/lower case letters, fill in last name, first name and hit “Enter students.” When you've finished with one contest, click on “Enter new contestants.” Go through the same procedure for each contest you wish to enter at district.
  5. Step 3 - Review Entries: Click on this to proof your entries. Make sure all names are correctly spelled, using upper/lower (title) case letters and that they are entered as last name, then first name. Case and spelling are important because this is how the name will be displayed in all records: district, region, state and archives.
  6. Step 4 - Final Checkout: Entries do not have to be finalized in a single session. Contestant modifications and additions may be entered prior to clicking “Certify and Lock Entries.” However, ALL entries MUST be certified and locked by the district entry deadline at least 10 calendar days prior to the contest. AFTER all entries have been completed for all contests, prior to the deadline for your district meet, hit the “Certify and Lock Entries” button. With this final step you are certifying the eligibility of your school's contestants and locking your entries against additional modifications.
  7. Step 5 - Logoff: For security reasons, don't forget this step.

That's it. It's a quick and easy process. Follow the same procedures for entering CX debate, One-Act Play and Academic Meet contestants. We thank you in advance for your assistance in this process. Contact our office if you have any questions.

UIL Academic Spring Meet Questions

Phone: 512-471-5883

David Stevens
Academic Director

Jana Riggins
CX Debate Director

Paula Rodriguez
One-Act Play Director

Glenda Munoz
Administrative Associate