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Subchapter E


Subchapter E (20-24)


The UIL is composed of the Texas public schools and private schools that apply and are accepted for enrollment as members of the UIL. 
The superintendent of a member school district, or if there is no superintendent (or designee), the chief administrator of a member district or school (or designee):

(a) shall exercise direction and management of all UIL contests and scrimmages in which schools in the district compete, including appointing a game administrator for all home UIL varsity athletic team contests;

(b) shall enforce all UIL rules concerning eligibility and health and safety with respect to students in schools in the school district;

(c) shall be responsible for fully cooperating with persons who are appointed by the chair of the District Executive Committee, the chair of the State Executive Committee or the UIL Executive Director, to investigate allegations against the school, student representatives or school district personnel;

(d) shall promptly report to the District Executive Committee, or other appropriate UIL committee, any violation of the Constitution and Contest Rules by a student, a member school within the school district or other school district, school personnel or a sports official unless the violation has already been reported;

(e) shall provide the District Executive Committee with full disclosure when a student’s grade, given by a teacher, is modified by an administrator in such a manner that affects UIL eligibility;

(f) may determine for which schools within the school district the membership fee is paid;

(g) shall submit to the school board all recommendations of employment of coaches, directors and sponsors;

(h) shall complete the Professional Acknowledgment Form for all of the school district’s athletic coaches and sponsors of UIL academic, theatre and music activities (grades 9-12) at the beginning of their tenure in that position. These forms shall be kept on file in the superintendent’s office;

(i) shall provide an annual orientation for all 9-12 grade UIL directors, sponsors, advisers and coaches regarding UIL rules, expectations regarding appropriate conduct during UIL contests, goals and purposes;

(j) shall approve all athletic schedules; and

(k) shall educate UIL student participants, coaches and other appropriate persons, including any school representatives serving on a District or Regional Executive Committee, on UIL rules that could affect them, and monitor the school’s compliance with UIL rules.

(a) APPOINTMENT. The President of The University of Texas at Austin appoints a person to serve at his or her pleasure as the Executive Director of the UIL. The Executive Director is an employee of The University of Texas at Austin.

(b) SUPERVISION. The Executive Director of the UIL is supervised by the Vice President for Diversity and Community Engagement of The University of Texas at Austin.

(c) RESPONSIBILITIES. The Executive Director of the UIL has the responsibility:

(1) to serve as the chief administrative officer of the UIL;

(2) to employ, in accordance with all applicable employment policies of The University of Texas at Austin, all UIL staff and consultants;

(3) to issue annual plans for playoffs;

(4) to reschedule contests (see Section 382);

(5) to seek support for the UIL by obtaining, subject to University of Texas at Austin policy, beneficial sponsorships and other forms of support;

(6) to negotiate media and other contracts concerning rights and assets owned and/or controlled by UIL that are in accord with University of Texas at Austin policy and give the best value to the UIL;

(7) to prepare the annual budget for the UIL and submit for approval within the regular process of The University of Texas at Austin;

(8) to appoint hearing officers and make various ad-hoc committee and other UIL appointments as necessary and consistent with the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules; and

(9) to take such other, further, and reasonable actions that are necessary or desirable under and consistent with the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules; and:

(A) the binding actions taken by the Legislative Council or the State Executive Committee or other UIL bodies authorized to take binding actions on behalf of the UIL;

(B) the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules;

(C) the rules of the State Board of Education;

(D) the policies of The University of Texas at Austin; and

(E) the law.

(a) BINDING ACTIONS. The UIL shall be bound only by those of its actions that are reasonably undertaken by UIL officers, pursuant to the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules, or a written resolution or motion passed by the affirmative vote of a majority of the members of the UIL body who are present and voting on a matter within its jurisdiction after a quorum of the body has first been established at an official UIL meeting. Actions taken pursuant to this section shall be referred to as binding actions.
Section 24: UIL OFFICERS
(a) OFFICERS. The persons filling the following named offices within the UIL shall be UIL officers who may be empowered on behalf of the UIL to take binding actions as provided for in the previous section:

(1) the chair and members of the Legislative Council, the State Executive Committee, a District Executive Committee, the Waiver Review Board, Sports Officials Committee and a Regional Executive Committee;

(2) the UIL Executive Director, the Deputy Director, UIL Directors, and other UIL employees with express written delegation of authority from the Executive Director;

(3) persons filling expressly commissioned positions of a limited character, including the UIL staff directors of the various UIL contests, the UIL Hearing Officers and the UIL Waiver Officer; and

(4) UIL legal counsel (the General Counsel and Vice-Chancellor of The University of Texas System, or a designee, Vice President for Legal Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin, or a designee and The Texas Attorney General, or a designee).