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Waivers Contact Info

Waiver Officer
Nakita Guillory

Department Phone:

Department Fax:

The Waiver Process

  1. Complete appropriate waiver application and submit required supporting documents;
  2. Mail completed forms to Waiver Officer, University Interscholastic League, PO Box 8028, Austin, TX 78713-8028;
  3. The filing fee will be processed through the University Interscholastic League’s Finance Department;
  4. Within 14 days after the Waiver Officer determines that the application is complete, the Waiver Officer shall, upon the basis of the application and written statements, decide whether the wavier should be granted and the applicant declared eligible; and
  5. The principal & the chair of the DEC will promptly be notified via email.  A hard copy will be mailed to the principal, district chair, superintendent, and applicant.
    • Notifying the District Executive Committee Chairperson: Send the district chair a copy of the completed waiver application form only.  The chair will then notify the District Executive Committee and the UIL of the application.