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Subchapter L


Subchapter L

Subchapter L. CONTESTS

The UIL shall conduct:

(a) ANNUAL CONTESTS, as follows:

(1) Accounting
(2) Art
(3) Band, Concert Performance
(4) Band, Site Reading Evaluation
(5) Barbara Jordan Historical Essay Competition
(6) Baseball
(7) Basketball, Boys
(8) Basketball, Girls
(9) Calculator Applications
(10) Chess Puzzle
(11) Choir, Concert Performance
(12) Choir, Sight Reading Evaluation
(13) Computer Applications
(14) Computer Science
(15) Congress
(16) Copy Editing
(17) Creative Writing
(18) Cross Country, Boys
(19) Cross Country, Girls
(20) Current Issues and Events
(21) Debate, Cross-Examination
(22) Debate, Lincoln-Douglas
(23) Dictionary Skills
(24) Editorial Writing
(25) Extemporaneous Informative Speaking
(26) Extemporaneous Persuasive Speaking
(27) Feature Writing
(28) Film
(29) Football
(30) Football, Six-Man
(31) Golf, Boys
(32) Golf, Girls
(33) Headline Writing
(34) Impromptu Speaking
(35) Latino History Essay Competition
(36) Listening
(37) Literary Criticism
(38) Maps, Graphs and Charts
(39) Marching Band
(40) Mariachi Festival
(41) Mathematics
(42) Modern Oratory
(43) Music, Medium Ensemble Performance
(44) Music Memory (A+)
(45) Music, Solo-Small Ensemble Performance
(46) Music Theory
(47) News Writing
(48) Number Sense
(49) One-Act Play
(50) Oral Reading
(51) Orchestra Concert Performance
(52) Orchestra, Sight Reading Evaluation
(53) Poetry Interpretation
(54) Prose Interpretation
(55) Ready Writing
(56) Robotics
(57) Science
(58) Social Studies
(59) Soccer, Boys
(60) Soccer, Girls
(61) Softball, Girls
(62) Spelling
(63) Spelling and Vocabulary
(64) Spirit
(65) Storytelling
(66) Swimming, Boys
(67) Swimming, Girls
(68) Team Tennis
(69) Tennis Singles and Doubles, Boys
(70) Tennis Singles and Doubles, Girls
(71) Tennis, Mixed Doubles
(72) Theatrical Design Contest
(73) Track and Field, Boys
(74) Track and Field, Girls
(75) Volleyball, Girls
(76) Wrestling, Boys
(77) Wrestling, Girls




(A) Schools shall abide by rules in the Constitution, by rules in the “Official Notices” column of The Leaguer, by regulations issued from the UIL office in the UIL Spirit Manual, and other official notices from the UIL office. Where any term or section of the contest rules or the UIL Spirit Manual is found to be inconsistent with the Constitution, the Constitution shall prevail and apply, and the remaining terms and sections of the contest rules and/or the UIL Spirit Manual shall continue in effect.

(B) All cheer and spirit performances at any UIL activity shall be in accordance with safety standards as prescribed by the National Federation High School Spirit Handbook. Cheerleading and UIL spirit sponsors are required to complete a course regarding safety/risk minimization for cheerleading and present proof of course completion to the school district.

(C) Concussion Management Protocol. At all UIL activities (including practices and contests), including cheerleading and UIL spirit, schools shall implement and follow a Concussion Management Protocol as prescribed by Texas Education Code Section 38 Subchapter D.

(c) PILOT PROGRAM CONTESTS AS PROVIDED BY THE LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL. The UIL administration is authorized to design, organize, and implement contests and contest rules among member schools on a pilot program basis upon the recommendation of the Executive Director of the UIL and the approval of the Legislative Council. A pilot program shall exist for the time period specified by the Legislative Council.

Before June 1 the Executive Director shall announce the official calendar for UIL contests for the coming year.
If it appears not to be feasible to hold a contest at the scheduled place or time because of weather, facilities or other cause, the Executive Director shall determine where, when, or if the contest will be held.
(a) Non-Traditional School Year. See Section 5 for definitions of traditional school year, summer vacation, non-traditional school year and intersession.

(b) Rules Applicable During School and Intersessions.

(1) All rules found in the UIL Constitution and Contest Rules that apply to school district personnel, students, individuals, teams and/or schools during the traditional school year also apply to the non-traditional school year during the time school is in session and during intersessions. .

(2) During intersessions schools shall schedule no more than one contest or performance per activity per student per school week. .

(3) During intersessions schools shall limit practice for UIL music activities to a maximum of eight hours per school week per activity, in addition to a maximum of sixty minutes per day, (or 300 minutes per week on a block schedule), Monday through the end of the school day on Friday.

(c) Rules Applicable Specifically During Summer Vacation Months. Activities that are allowed only during summer vacation are not allowed during intersessions unless the intersession falls within the summer months.