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Contest Rules: ACADEMICS

Download 2018-19 High School Academic Contest Rules

Table of Contents

Sections 900-902

Section 900: Introduction to High School Academic Contests 
Section 901: Academic Contest Ethics Code 
Section 902: General Regulations

Sections 903-906

Section 903: District Meet 
Section 904: Regional Meet 
Section 905: State Meet 
Section 906: Invitational Meets

Section 920: Accounting (HS)

Section 924: Calculator Applications (HS)

Section 926: Computer Applications (HS)

Section 928: Computer Science (HS)

Section 932: Current Issues and Events (HS) 

Section 940: Literary Criticism (HS)

Section 942: Mathematics (HS)

Section 944: Number Sense (HS) 

Section 948: Ready Writing (HS) 

Section 952: Science (HS) 

Section 956: Social Studies (HS) 

Section 960: Spelling and Vocabulary (HS)

Section 965: Barbara Jordan Historical Essay

Section 966: Latino History Essay Competition

Section 970: Robotics

Sections 1000-1008

Section 1000: Speech 
Section 1001: Cross-Examination Team Debate 
Section 1002: Lincoln-Douglas Debate 
Section 1003: Individual Speech Contests 
Section 1004: Extemporaneous Informative Speaking 
Section 1005: Extemporaneous Persuasive Speaking
Section 1006: Poetry Interpretation
Section 1007: Prose Interpretation
Section 1008: Congress 

Sections 1021-1027

Section 1021: Journalism Program 
Section 1023: High School Journalism
Section 1024: Feature Writing 
Section 1025: News Writing 
Section 1026: Editorial Writing
Section 1027: Headline Writing 

Sections 1033-1036

Section 1033: One-Act Play 
Section 1034: One-Act Play Contest Ethics Codes 
Section 1035: Theatrical Design 
Section 1036: Film