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Dr. Bradley Kent

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State Champions

State Wind Ensemble Festival

State Wind Ensemble Festival


Scott Hanna – The University of Texas at Austin
Bradley N. Kent – UIL/UT Austin
Matthew McInturf – Sam Houston State University
Kevin Sedatole – Michigan State University
Kraig Williams - Rutgers University

Adopted in 2000 the UIL State Wind Ensemble Festival is unique among UIL music events. Participants in this event can anticipate experiencing the following:

  1. There will be three evaluators who will provide a recorded and written critique of each band’s performance. There are no ratings or recognition of outstanding bands.
  2. In place of ratings and outstanding band awards, the evaluator panel will honor individual performers and/or sections for exemplary musical achievements. Appropriate awards (draped state medals) will be provided.
  3. Following each band’s concert performance a clinic with a nationally recognized music educator/conductor will be provided. The focus of this interaction will be on musicianship and the artistry of making music.
  4. In addition each band will be expected to structure a schedule that will enable the students to listen to the performance of two other performing groups over the course of the day.

The listening schedule will be coordinated by the UIL State Music Office prior to the day of the festival. Consideration will be given to individual band travel schedules. It is our goal to insure that every band will perform for an audience of fellow musicians and directors from other schools.

Formats similar to this are being used at some of the most positive and educationally sound events in the nation. Results have been overwhelmingly favorable. The success of this venture is dependent on participants having an understanding of the following:

All participants have “made their one”. That achievement at the UIL Region Evaluation earned them the right to perform on the Bates Recital Hall Stage, home of the University of Texas Wind Ensemble.

  1. The goal of this event is not to acquire a favorable judge’s rating, win a trophy or “beat the other bands”. The goal is to accept the challenge of making music for the sole purpose of performing at the highest level of musical excellence possible for an appreciative, supportive audience in an optimum acoustical space.
  2. A corollary to the goal is the expectation that everyone will have the opportunity to be appreciative listeners as others perform in a formal concert setting.

Reports indicate that some of the most successful and competitive band programs in the nation have found this format to be challenging, rewarding and educational. In fact, many say their students “try harder” in this setting than they do at a traditional contest.

Participation in the event is limited because of judge's schedules and the availability of performance sites. Directors of bands considering participation in the SWEF should be aware of the fact that submitting an entry does not guarantee a performance time and that the following procedure for processing entries will be followed.

  1. Since many region concert evaluations do not take place until after April 1 it is not necessary to wait until after a Division One is earned to enter. A letter or email statement of intent can be submitted as early as January 15 of the year prior to the festival.
  2. Statements of intent will be accepted as postmarked.  Please email with your letter.
  3. These statements will be held by the UIL office in the order they are received until the results of the Region events are known. Bands receiving a Division One will then be officially entered in the festival based on availability of performance times.
  4. Official entry forms and entry fees ($225) will be due once schools are notified that they have been assigned a performance time.
  5. Additional schools with letters of intent on file will be placed on a waiting list.

Questions concerning entry procedures are welcome at (512) 471-5883 or