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Dr. Susan Elza

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Key Requirements for AED Use and Ownership

Training – Acquirer must provide appropriate training to each user. Training in CPR & AED use must be given or approved by the Texas Dept. of Health and meet American Heart Association or Red Cross standards.

Prescription – Must be provided by a licensed practitioner who is then exempt from liability.

Medical Oversight – A licensed physician must ensure compliance of the training program.

Device Maintenance/Testing – Per manufacturer’s guidelines, must be maintained and tested.

Event Tracking/Reporting – Upon use the EMS system must be notified promptly.

Notification Requirements – Location and type of device must be reported to local EMS.

Good Samaritan Protection – An unpaid person who in good faith administers emergency care, including using an AED, at the scene of an emergency is not liable in civil damages unless the act is willfully or wantonly negligent. Protection extends to acquirer, trainer and managing entity.