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Cross Country State Championships

Cross Country State Tournament

Saturday, November 4th 2017


Cross Country Schedule - 2017

Time Event Distance
8:30 a.m. Girls Conference 5A 5K
9:10 a.m. Boys Conference 5A 5K
9:50 a.m. Girls Conference 6A 5K
10:30 a.m. Boys Conference 6A 5K
11:10 a.m. Girls Conference 1A 3200m
11:40 a.m. Boys Conference 1A 5K
12:20 p.m. Girls Conference 2A 3200m
12:50 p.m. Boys Conference 2A 5K
1:30 p.m. Girls Conference 3A 3200m
2:00 p.m.

Boys Conference 3A

2:40 p.m. Girls Conference 4A 3200m
3:10 p.m. Boys Conference 4A 5K